Legend of Grimrock II

Shipwreck Beach

01 - Start
You arrive here, there's a Branch on the floor you can pick up and equip. Attack the door to get out. The beach is inhabited by Giant turtles who are relatively slow and easy to kill and give good turtle steak.

02 - Horned fruit

03 - Rock

04 - Torn Breeches

05 - Bone club

06 - Etherweed

07 - Gate
The button to open this gate is on the right next to it.

08 - Turtle Egg

09 - Dart

10 - Throwing Knives

11 - Treasure chest
Contains: Shoes, Torch, Smoked Sea Bass

12 - Treasure Chest
Contains: Embalmer's Robe, Healing Potion

13 - Gold Key

14 - Iron key
Unlocks gate at 15 - Iron keyhole

15 - Iron keyhole
Requires 14 - Iron Key

16 - Tattered Shirt

17 - Pressure plate puzzle
Easy puzzle, put an object on the first plate. Then step on the other, get back to the first plate, and take the object with you again.

18 - Letter
Dear Visitor,

Welcome to my island! I hope your journey was not too detrimental to your health. I think you will find this island to be the most wonderful, yet most perilous place, on earth.

I don't have high hopes about your survival, but maybe you can prove me wrong. Better equip yourself before the night falls.

The Island Master

19 - Xafi Robe

20 - Sign
Welcome to the location of your first challenge. When you are ready stand in the circle and call out the guardians.

~The Island Master~

21 - Horned Fruit

22 - Sign
~Crystal of Life~
Touch to heal wounds and restore dead champions back to life. Beware, its power needs time to recharge.

23 - Scroll of Fireburst

24 - Sign
X marks the spot

25 - Pressure plate puzzle 2
Put 5 objects onto the plates in the shape of an X, so top-left, top-right, center, bottom left-bottom right. The door will open and you can pick up your objects again.

26 - Zarchton
You will encounter your first Zarchton here

27 - Sign
~Legend of Kilhagan~
The second most precious thing in life for a seafaring captain is his sword, because without it he cannot command his cres. Thus, upon losing his weapon somewhere here on Shipwreck Beach, he lost what is most important to him: the respect of his crew.

28 - Statue
Put a sword (the Rapier) into the hands of this statue to open a doorway.

29 - Peasant's Cap

30 - Falconskyre

31 - Blooddrop Cap

32 - Sign
Windgate Terminus East

33 - Switch
Pressing this switch will enable the teleporter on the left

34 - Sign
Windgate Terminus East

35 - Sack
Contains: Sling, Rock (3)

36 - Pressure Plate Puzzle 3
Put an item through the gate onto the plate to open the gate. Inside you will find a treasure chest containing: Ornate Key, Dagger, Healing Potion

37 - Ornate lock
Requires Ornate Key, found at 36 to open.

38 - Chest - Falconskyre
Chest contains: Shovel, Smoked Sea Bass, Rapier, Scroll of Poison Cloud and a note with the inscription:
At the lone oak, in the shadow of the blue light, I buried it.
- Captain Kilhagan

39 - Gold lock
Requires Gold Key, found in around the entire island. There is one in Shipwreck Beach at 12.
The chest behind the door contains: Pellets (10), Backbiter, Potion of Strength

Note that you do not have to open this, golden keys are rare, locks are plentiful. Read our walkthrough to find what's behind each door.

40 - Hub teleporter
Once activated, teleports you to the hub

41 - Treasure Chest (Locked)
Requires a lockpick.
Contains: Thraelm Tribal Mask, Healing Potion

42 - Turtle Beach
Large open space with a beach, inhabited by a turtle. Accessible by pressing the secret button in the Dead Sailor's Cave

43 - Shortcut button
Not much to do in this area apart from the button that opens up a wall that allows you to get back to the center of the map.

44 - Gardening Challenge
Requires Horn of Summoning found in the Dead Sailor's Cave
Stand in the circle and blow the horn of summoning. Be prepared to fight. Make sure your back and sides face the wall to protect the party members in the back.
Completing this fight will open up the door at #20 and you will receive your first Power Gem
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