Legend of Grimrock II

Sleet Island

01 - Rock (1)

02 - Island Map, Letter
Dear Visitor,

Please find the attached Map of the Island useful. I'd like to point out a few key locations, to get you accustomed to your new home, although I'm afraid your stay on the island will be brief... my pets are awfully hungry as always.

If you glance north, you should see the Great Pyramid of Umas above the treetops, and in west you can find the ruins of Desarune, a huge dungeon I've repurposed just for you.
Beyond Desarune there are even older places but you don't need to concern yourselves with them because the challenges ahead will be way over your head.

Finally, in the east you can find the burial grounds where some very interesting characters are buried. It's up to you to decide which one of these locations will be your grave.

The Island Master.

03 - Rock (1)

04 - Bridge
Magical Bridge appears by awakening the guardian at 05.

05 - Sign
"I am the guardian of the bridge, wake me up.

This basically requires you to cast a spell onto the demon head against the wall. This creates a bridge at 04.

06 - Etherweed (1)

07 - Secret Treasure (use shovel)
Contains: Zarchton Harpoon, Shield Potion (1)
Treasure Map from Tomb Underground at 04

08 - Gate, Horned Fruit.
Gate gets opened from the inside which can be reached from the Archives in the Ruins of Desarune

09 - Arquebus
Beware! You get teleported into a room filled with mummies when you pick up the Arquebus.

10 - Sign, Lever
Lever opens gate next to you.
Sign reads:
Mind and Matter

Mind and Matter puzzle
Activate the lever at 12.
Push the cube forward twice to enter the next room.
Go around the cube and push it back to the gate near 12.
Walk to 14 and press the secret button, this will open up the wall at 15
Push the 2nd cube while standing at 17 and then push it against the other cube.
Press the button at 18 and move away in time to make the demon head shoot into the receptacle.
Move through the gate at 19 and place the cubes on their respective orange spots. This opens the gate at 20.

11 - Blooddrop Cap (1)

12 - Lever
Activates Philosophers Stones.

13 - Leather Cap

14 - Secret Button
Opens wall at 15.

15 - Wall
Opened by secret button at 14.

16 - Wooden Box
Contains: Salted Sausage, Smoked Sea Bass, Horned Fruit, Bread, Recipe: Rage Potion.

17 - Lock Picks (1)

18 - Button
Activates demon head to shoot.

19 - Gate
Opened by pressing the button a 18 and moving away in time.

20 - Gate
Opened by placing both cubes on the orange spots.

21 - Sign

22 - Pressure Plate
When stepped on, wasps are being teleported into your location to attack you. These teleporters only stay on for a second or two.
If you hurry, you can run to the teleporter at 41 and find the secret area(s).

23 - Sack
Contains: Pitroot Bread, Rage Potion (1)

24 - Crystal of Life, Recipe: Antivenom, Antidote

25 - Secret Treasure (use shovel)
Contains: Meteorite

26 - Letter
Dear Visitor,

Unfortunately the gate to the great pyramid was locked a long time ago with a strange kind of key. I'm afraid the key might be unrecoverable by now.

The Island Master

27 - Statue Head
The silent one has a friend
who is more willing to speak.
Head towards the sunrise, beyond
the gate, to find him.

The silent one can be found at 28

The silent one's friend can be found at 29 in the Cemetery

28 - Statue Head

As the silent one's friend in the cemetery said: Look into the direction where this statue is looking during the night. If you look long enough, you will see a bridge appear.
So stand on this spot during the night, look south and wait a few seconds until you see a Leprecaun enable the bridge and cross it. Follow him and the bridge will stay open.

29 - Tribal Shield, Note
A treasure chest long lost, guarded by the four fallen spirits in the bog.

30 - Sign
Hold your breath

31 - Pressure Plate
Opens gate in front of you once you hold your breath long enough.

32 - Skull, Antidote (1)

33 - Forcefield.

34 - Scroll of Frost Shield

35 - Statue Head
This is the elemental shrine of water.
Water is the rune of willpower and frost.
Southeast is whence the forces of water are strongest.

36 - Statue Head
Oh thee seeker of the hidden shrine.
Only by standing in the place with perfect elemental equilibrium shalt thou summon forth the gate to the hidden one.

37 - Statue Head
Bring forth four power gems to fuse them into the essence of the element.

Not all of the gems lay under the skies, some of them are buried deep underground.

38 - Secret Button
This button will enable a magical bridge to the west of you so you can cross to the next island.

39 - Statue Head, Crystal Flower
The gate to the fifth shrine is hidden from sight.

40 - Secret Button
Disables the Forcefield in the bottom of the river.

41 - Secret Teleporter
There is a hidden teleporter here that brings you to the room in the east. This teleporter can be enabled very briefly by pressing the pressure plate at 22. This requires you to run to the teleporter here. It's easier to not stand on the pressure plate, but stand in front of it, so you can see the teleporter, and then put an item on it. This saves you one step of running.

42 - Skull

43 - Statue Head
Here, even the winds are guided by him and them

44 - Secret Button, Scroll of Shock Shield, Pellets (10)
The secret button activates 3 teleporters the first (closest to the button) teleports you to where you came from, the second closest teleporter teleports you a little north of the pressure plate at 22 the teleporter furthest away teleports you to another secret location: stormseed orb at 45
Making it to the third teleporter that teleports you to the next secret location is very tricky, and requires perfect timing.
If you run to the teleporter without any pauses, so in a perfect run, the teleporter will be gone the moment you step in it, so that will not work.
If only you can get a tiny bit more time...
You can! Here's how. At the secret button, face north, and walk backwards.
When walking backwards, you can click the secret button while moving if you're fast enough. This saves you this tiny little bit of time to make it in time to the teleporter. Good luck!

45 - Stormseed Orb

46 - Button
Opens the gate. Can only be reached from the teleporter at the north-east of the Barren Desert

47 - Button
Opens the gate. Can only be reached from the teleporter at the Archives
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