Legend of Grimrock II

River Tunnels

Forgotten River Sublevel 1

The Cache is a small cave where you receive only one gold key to open one out of four caches.

01 - The Cache
There are 2 dungeon rats with firearms and a ratplague.

02 - The Thief's Cache
Contains: 1 Crookhorn Longbow, 1 Speedpotion, 4 Broadhead Arrows and 2 lockpicks

03 - Snake Charmer's Cache
Contains: 1 rope, 1 Serpent Bracer, 1 scroll of poison shield, 1 antivenom

04 - Paladin's Cache
Contains: 1 fireblade, 1 heavy shield, 1 healing potion

05 - Conjurer's Cache
Contains: 1 orb of radiance, 1 archmage's mantle, 1 energy potion

06 - The Hub
The Hub is a transportation system that allows you to travel to the outer reaches of the Isle of Nex. You will need to unlock the transporters before you can use them. There are also stairs leading upwards to the Forgotten River and downwards to the Trickster's lair.
The door to the Trickster's lair only opens up after defeating Lindworm on top of Castle Nex.

07 - Shipwreck Beach

08 - Keelbreach Bog

09 - Cemetery

10 - Hamlet of Stormbreach

11 - Sign
This is the shrine of balance.
Balance is the invisible force that binds everything together.
Without it the universe could not exist.

You can reach this area by casting the balance spell (the rune in the middle of the casting rune) while you're standing in the center of all 4 essences on their pedestal at the doorstep of castle Nex

12 - Sign
You are will on the way to ascension.
With it comes a great price. You still have the choice to turn back.

13 - Sign
Endue forth four power gems to fuse them into the essence of element.

Not all of the gems lay under the skies, some of them are buried deep underground.
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