Legend of Grimrock II

Keelbreach Bog

01 - Rock (2), Torch

02 - Letter
Dear Visitor,

Are you getting frustrated yet? Does an undefeatable foe stand on your way? Can't make heads nor tails of one of my devious riddles?

Why not go explore somewhere else for a while and seek new challenges? See if it clears your mind a bit. Perhaps you will find magical artifacts to aid in your quest, or encounter a beast that cleaves your head right off?

My bet is on the latter.

The Island Master

03 - Blooddrop Cap (1), Statue Head
Don't let the rocks fall short of their target

04 - Teleporter puzzle
Throw a rock just when it passes you so it reaches the end and opens the gate at 05.

05 - Gate
Opened by teleporter puzzle.

06 - Blackmoss (1)

07 - Statue Head
Generations before you have trodden these paths.
Only he and they had the patience to follow them to the end.

08 - Blooddrop Cap (1)

09 - Pellets (10)

10 - Falconskyre (1)

11 - Statue Head
I am the right eye.
I saw where the meteor fell.

12 - Round Shield, Torch, Antivenom (1)

13 - Gate
Button that opens gate.

14 - Borra

15 - Secret treasure (use shovel)
Venom Edge.

16 - Secret treasure (use shovel)
Falconskyre (1)

17 - Lock Picks (1)

18 - Gate, Treasure Chest
Gate opened by Pressure plate at 19
Chest contains: Lightning Bomb (3), Torch, Crossbow Quarrel (4)

19 - Pressure plate
Opens gate at 18

20 - Rock (2)

21 - Statue Head
He and they are more concerned with who are allowed to enter than who are left out.

22 - Etherweed (1)

23 - Secret treasure chest (use shovel)
Contains: Crystal Shard of Recharging (1), Thraelm Tribal Buckler, Horned Fruit.

24 - Power Gem
Beware! Around 6 water goblins show up when you grab this.

25 - Statue Head
The serpents can be awakened.

26 - Leather boots

27 - Sign, Hub keyhole
"The Hub"

Use Hub key found at Herder's Den at 08 to activate the teleporter to the Hub

28 - Sign

Lever Puzzle:
The goal is to put all the levers downwards.
Not a solid routine found, just click them untill they all go down untill further notice.
Seems to work best to do one side first and then take on the other side.

29 - Power Gem

30 - Dart (3)

31 - Wooden box
Contains: Poison Bomb (2), Broadhead Arrow (1), Shoes

32 - Statue Head
This is the elemental shrine of earth.
Earth is the rune of vitality, mountains and plants.
Southwest is where the forces of earth are strongest.

33 - Statue Head
All matter is made from four basic elements:
fire, earth, air and water. Fire opposes water like air opposes earth.

But without a fifth element there would be none, as the four elements would cancel each other out.

The fifth element is hidden somewhere on this island. Seek it and you may gain illumination

34 - Statue Head
Bring forth four power gems to fuse them into the essence of the element.

Not all of the gems lay under the skies, some of them are buried deep underground.

35 - Center Bog Puzzle
Stand here and shoot westward, across the hole. There's a bush that first needs to get cleared, so shoot several projectiles that way. Finally, shoot/throw something across the hole, so the item lands on the pressureplate at 36 which enables the teleporter that brings you to shaman's cloak at 37

36 - Pressure plate
Shoot an item from 35 onto this pressureplate to activate the teleporter.

37 - Shaman's Cloak

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