Legend of Grimrock II

Test Chamber

Castle Nex level 4

01 - Drop item here
Drop an item through the grate, this will disable the force shield so you can go down the trenches.

02 - Drop item here
In order to get here, you first need to disable the force shield by dropping an item at 01.

03 - Pressureplate & Teleporter Puzzle
Pressing the button will fire a spark across the room. If it reaches the receptacle at 07, it will shortly create a bridge there.
This is too short for you to run over, it's impossible, so you somehow need to delay the spark.
Putting items on the pressure plates will add more teleporters that will switch the direction of the spark.
Your goal is to set them up so that the spark will keep looping, allowing you to walk through and when you're closer at the end, open the loop again so the spark can reach it's destination again.

To do this, we will create a loop by activating the following teleporters:
West, East, North east and southwest.
If you press the button, it will fly into the loop, but the loop is not closed (otherwise it couldn't fly into it). So click the button and as soon as the spark is in, put an item on the teleporter that's north-west.
Take a breather, the spark is now in the loop.
Keep in mind, if the spark hits you, it's gone and you have to start all over.

So, the spark is looping in the upper side of the area. So you need to get yourself to the south part of the area.

Now, cross the field when the spark is in the east, run from northwest to southwest.

Now, here comes the difficult part:
Face north, when the spark leaves your sight again, pick up the item that's on the west pressure plate. Disabling that one, will make the spark fly towards the southwest teleporter and then fire into the receptacle, BUT you are in the way, so run! Run towards 01 on the map and wait for the spark to hit the receptacle and opening the door at 07 for you.

04 - Cannonball (3)

05 - Venomfang Pick

06 - Pellets (10)

07 - Moving bridge puzzle
The bridge allows you to move to the next area, it moves around the room, step on it when it passes you and step off at your destination.

08 - Potion of Dexterity
Only reachable when you fall off the moving bridge

09 - Switch
Unknown function yet.
Only reachable from the the moving bridge
When flipped together with the switch at 10
It will open the wall in the north.

09 - Switch
Opens the door to the stairs, and if the switch at 09 is flipped, it also opens the wall in the north.

11 - Potion of Resurrection (2)
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