Legend of Grimrock II


Crystal Mine

Walkthrough will follow

01 - Crystal Greaves, Lockpicks (1)
Only accessible by dropping from the Crystal Entrance at 41.

02 - Rope

03 - Mine keyhole

04 - Crystal Flower

05 - Shoot from here
Shoot east towards the pressureplate at 06, opening the door north of 06.

06 - Pressure Plate
Can initially only be triggered by shooting while standing at 05. To switch which doors are open, place or don't place an item on the pressure plate.

07 - Falconskyre

08 - Bear Pelt

09 - Mine Key
Used at Mine Keyhole at 03.
Picking up the key opens a moveable wall near 06.

10 - Sack
Contains: Smoked Sea Bass, Bread, Lizard on a Stick.

11 - Spark and Pit Puzzle
The first part of the puzzle is fairly simple. It opens or closes the pits when the spark reaches the recepticle. First head towards the lever at 12, opening the gate allowing you to move past the sparks path, so you can cross.

The second part requires speed, you have to press the lever and walk over the path before the spark reaches the recepticle. Its made easier by putting a shield in front of the spark. First pull the switch at 13, which will open the door to the next area. Also at 14 there is a secret button, opening the moveable wall in the south.

12 - Switch
Opens the door at the same tile.

13 - Switch
Opens the door to the next area

14 - Secret button
Opens moveable wall at the south.

15 - Tome of Health

16 - Lightning Bomb (1)

17 - Meteor Helm

18 - Mudwort

19 - Lightning Bow, Broadhead Arrow (2)

20 - Switch
Opens door to the east, allowing you access to the core.

21 - Pitfall room
This room is only accessible by falling or climbing down the pits at the Crystal Entrance near the Gatepuzzle at 06.

22 - Sack
Contains: Lockpicks (1), Antivenom (1)

23 - Blooddrop Cap (1)

24 - Pitfall room
This room is only accessible by falling or climbing down the pits at the Crystal Entrance near the Fearless Puzzle at 19.

25 - Pellets (10)

26 - Burrow Rat Shank

27 - Potion of Resurrection (1)

28 - Gold Key

29 - Secret Button
Opens moveable wall to the east

30 - Throwing Axe (1)

31 - Teleporter
This teleporter transports you to a secret area at 32. This opens the moveable wall near 30.

32 - Crystal Amulet, Antivenom (1)

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